Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Casablanca Express have a trial?

Casablanca Express provides our customers initially with a trial subscription because at our core we believe that we’re so confident that our travel savings will prove to you that you can save money on everyday things. Additionally, we don’t want someone subscribing to something they don’t want. We only want to assist active travelers. The more people we travel, the more money we all save. Our Travel Bucks system is based on always on access to the best value travel offers with the easiest booking interface, all backed by our personal world-class concierge service. Casablanca Express and Travel Bucks, with over 40 years of cutting-edge experience, provide insider access that’s guaranteed to save you money.

What is included in my trial?

Our trial subscription includes 30 days of access to Travel Bucks. We encourage you to go through, explore. There are over 300,000 different discounts, offers, and specials that are changing daily. These best-in-class savings, when used, are guaranteed to provide you with the lowest travel costs available. Travel Bucks sources savings from all the things you already do. We want you to take our 30 day savings survey calculator and see how much you can anticipate saving if you just use Travel Bucks twice within those 30 day period. And then we do the calculator.

What happens after my trial?

At the end of your 30 days, prior to the end of your 30 day trial, you may receive a call from one of our concierge travel associates. I don’t know, guest services, one of our subscription specialists. They may take a quick survey to see what your experience was with the Travel Bucks subscription. At that time, the agent will review with you the best offers they have available should you decide to continue.

What is the standard subscription rate?

Our lack rate is $49.95 a month, with a one-time $49.95 activation fee. Paid month to month

Why is there an activation fee?

In order for Travel Bucks to maintain a “try before you buy” model; we have to instill an activation fee in order to prevent users from taking advantage of trial access. Once your trial subscription has lapsed, should you choose to reactivate or utilize Travel Bucks, there may be a one-time $49.95 (re) activation fee. Travel Bucks, with in our pure discretion, can waive this fee.

Can I have another free trial?

No, these trial subscriptions are only one per household and are designed to provide limited time access to our extremely cost effective program.

If you're asking yourself, ``Can I have another free trial?``

Then perhaps you want to subscribe on our month to month basis. Please contact our subscription concierge as they will assist you in finding the best rate available. As this is a special one-time offer, we have the ability to waived the activation fee. Please note that any abuse of the trial subscription is grounds for account termination and the application of the activation fee of $49.95 is applied if you attempt to hack, abuse, reuse, or alter in anyway the intention of our trial membership.

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