TravelBucks Gold is a paid Membership Service and Travel Rewards Program

TravelBucks Gold is a membership service offered by Casablanca Express. The TravelBucks Gold membership includes exclusive access to concierge travel planning and booking services, travel agent assistance, and the TravelBucks Gold Rewards program.

TravelBucks Gold Member Benefits and Rewards Program Overview

  • Access To Nearly Endless Vacation Options
  • Concierge Travel Planning and Booking Services
  • 25 Platinum TravelBucks per month
  • 4% in Bonus TravelBucks on bookings
  • Complimentary Co-Member Included
  • Family Vacation Booking Assistance

Member Booking Access and Concierge Travel Planning Assistance

TravelBucks members have access to book hundreds of thousands of vacation options for hotel stays, cruises, vacation packages, tour packages, activities, sightseeing tours, show tickets, theme park tickets, transfers, transportation, rental cars, and more. TravelBucks agents provide concierge-level planning assistance to members and are available to make recommendations and build itineraries that are custom tailored to the member’s personal preferences and budget. Members can call a TravelBucks agent to book a hotel stay for a night, check on the best cruise deals and hotel promotions, and book an air/hotel package for a quick getaway. Members can also call for help researching, planning, and booking complex vacations with multiple destinations, tour packages, transfers, activities, sightseeing tours, flights, hotels, and/or rental cars.

One Membership plus one guest

Designed for people who are young, single, or just like traveling without large groups, Gold TravelBucks members are automatically eligible to add a plus one on any trips or bookings made through Travel Bucks. The member is granted a plus one for every booking so they can change the plus one every time they book. Any additional guest wanting to join the trip must create a membership account.

Using TravelBucks to Book Travel

Any Gold or Bonus TravelBucks in a member’s account can only be redeemed on bookings through a TravelBucks agent. TravelBucks are redeemed at a rate of one Travelbuck per US dollar. There is no limit to the amount of TravelBucks that can be redeemed on a specific booking except in the case that the travel supplier’s policies limit reward redemptions.

Gold TravelBucks

25 Gold TravelBucks are added to the member account upon signing up for a new member account and paying the first monthly membership fee. Each month thereafter, 25 Gold TravelBucks are added to the member account on the membership renewal date upon successful payment of the monthly membership fee. As soon as Gold TravelBucks are added to the member account, they can be redeemed on a booking with a TravelBucks agent. Gold TravelBucks never expires if a member account remains active. Gold TravelBucks will remain on file and can be reinstated for up to 6 months after an account is closed.

Bonus TravelBucks

TravelBucks Gold members earn 4% in Bonus TravelBucks for paid bookings. Bonus TravelBucks are not earned on TravelBucks redeemed for bookings. Bonus TravelBucks will be pending in the member account until the travel date of the booking has passed. Once the travel date has passed, Bonus TravelBucks will become active and can be redeemed on bookings.

Travel Booking Inquiries and Booking Process

Members can make a booking inquiry via phone or email, although we highly recommend members make booking inquiries via phone. TravelBucks agents will research and provide a written quote including a complete itinerary, cancellation policy, price details, and payment details to the member via email. Once the member has approved the quote either over the phone or via email, the TravelBucks agent will proceed with booking. Quotes are not guaranteed as price and availability can change at any time. TravelBucks agents will make every effort to secure the components of the itinerary at the price quoted. If for any reason the agent is unable to secure some or all the components of the itinerary quoted, the agent will contact the member. The member must approve any changes before the agent can proceed with the booking. Once the booking is complete the agent will forward all confirmations along with the details of all payments via email.

Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

Booking changes are subject to the travel supplier change policy. Travelers are responsible for any change fees charged by the travel provider and any rate or fare difference. Cancellations must be made by calling a TravelBucks agent during normal business hours and prior to the cancellation deadline. Refunds due for payments made to Casablanca Express will be issued within 30 days of cancellation. Refunds due for payments made to travel suppliers will be issued in accordance with the travel supplier’s refund policy. Any TravelBucks redeemed on the canceled booking will be transferred back to the member account within 30 days of the cancellation request. Cancellation requests received after the cancellation deadline may be subject to cancellation penalties up to the entire amount of the booking. If partial refunds are due, any TravelBucks redeemed on the booking will be deducted from the refund and returned to the member account and the remainder will be refunded.

Monthly Membership Fee Payments

To become a member using the online signup form, you must consent to recurring monthly membership fee payments. All membership fee payments are nonrefundable. Your membership renewal date will be exactly one month from the date you join. You will be automatically charged the monthly membership fee every month thereafter on your membership renewal date.

Cancelling The Automatic Recurring Monthly Charges

You may cancel automatic recurring monthly charges at any time through your online account or by calling a TravelBucks agent. When you cancel automatic recurring monthly charges, your account will remain active until the end of your next membership renewal date. On the day after your next membership renewal date, your account will be deactivated.

De-Activated Accounts

Your account will be deactivated if the monthly membership fee is not paid on the membership renewal date. You will be able to re-activate for one month by paying the monthly membership fee. If you re-activate within a month, there will be no changes to your account terms, all unused TravelBucks (both Bonus and Platinum) will be reinstated to your account, you will receive Bonus TravelBucks for any future trips that had been previously booked, your monthly fee payment date and amount will remain the same, and there will be no fees or penalties charged. If you do not re-activate your account within one month, your account will be closed.

Closed Accounts

Once an account is closed, all Bonus TravelBucks whether available or pending will be forfeited. Gold TravelBucks will remain on file and can be reinstated for up to 6 months following account closure. To reinstate Gold TravelBucks, the account holder must select from the account types available to new members and create a new account. Once the account is created, a TravelBucks agent can transfer the Gold TravelBucks on file from the closed account to the new account. New accounts may have different terms and rewards policies, the transferred TravelBucks will be subject to the terms and reward policies of the new account.

Booking Restrictions

Bookings cannot exceed a total of two travelers for the Gold membership. A maximum of one hotel room, cruise cabin, and two airline tickets can be booked over the same travel dates. Gold Members can add one additional traveler of any age to accompany them on the trip. TravelBucks agents are not able to assist with bookings for non-members. TravelBucks agents can only offer our personal concierge services through Casablanca Express travel agency that are available at a travel agent discount or commissionable rates.

No Corporate or Business Travel

TravelBucks memberships are only to be used for booking personal-related travel. If you are interested in options for your corporate or business travel needs, please call a TravelBucks agent to inquire.

TravelBucks Limits on Use

TravelBucks cannot be split and can only be used in increments of one. TravelBucks redeemed for bookings of an uneven dollar amount will be rounded up to the next dollar. TravelBucks do not have a cash value and cannot be sold bartered or exchanged.

Member Code of Conduct

Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and treat TravelBucks agents and employees/guests/passengers of any travel provider booked with respect and dignity. Members are not to conduct any illegal activities while utilizing bookings made through TravelBucks. Members are required to pay any fees or expenses charged by any travel supplier when assessed in accordance with their policies. Members will not make false statements about the TravelBucks membership program, or any travel provider used. Members will not share their login information with non-members, reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and share it with non-members, or post inappropriate, inaccurate, or offensive content to membership forums and discussions.

Violations of Membership Terms and Account Termination

If a member is found to be violating the membership terms, they will be notified in writing of the specific violation. The written notice may include a warning or steps to correct the violation. If a member complies with the notice their account will remain in good standing. Repeated violations or failure to correct the violation will result in account termination. Certain violations that are particularly egregious in nature will result in immediate account termination. Members whose accounts are terminated will not be eligible to create a new account or travel on any future booking through Casablanca Express. Upon account termination, any unused TravelBucks and any future travel bookings will be canceled without a refund.

Discontinuance of the TravelBucks Membership Program

Casablanca Express reserves the right to discontinue the TravelBucks Membership program. If the program is discontinued, all members will be notified of the effective date. Members will have the opportunity to utilize any unused TravelBucks prior to the discontinuance of the membership program. Any TravelBucks not utilized prior to the discontinuance of the program will be forfeited. All future bookings will remain active.

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