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Silver Membership

As a TravelBucks Silver Member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to our concierge travel planning and booking services along with dedicated travel agent assistance.

Our expert agents provide personalized concierge-level planning assistance to members, offering tailored recommendations and itineraries based on your personal preferences and budget. Whether you need to book a quick getaway or plan a complex vacation with multiple destinations, our agents are always available to guide you through the process and research options to book the perfect itinerary for your next trip.

As a TravelBucks Silver Member, you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of vacation options, from hotel stays and cruises to vacation packages, tour packages, activities, sightseeing tours, show tickets, theme park tickets, transfers, transportation, rental cars, and more.

What’s Included In My Membership?

  • Unlimited access to your expert concierge travel agents for planning and booking your vacation
  • Earn 3% in Bonus TravelBucks for every trip you book to be used as a credit for any future booking
  • Choose your destination, accommodations and dates from available locations anywhere in the world
  • Access to cruises, hotels, vacation packages, activities, show tickets, theme park tickets, tours, transportation and much more!!

What Are TravelBucks?

At TravelBucks, we keep things simple: every TravelBuck is worth one dollar, all the time, every time.

Upon signing up for a Silver Membership account, you can start saving up to 3% on qualifying bookings in the form of TravelBucks. These TravelBucks can be redeemed immediately for any booking with an agent and NEVER expire as long as your account remains active. If you choose to close your account, your TravelBucks will remain on file for up to 6 months and can be reinstated upon reactivation of the account.

TravelBucks cannot be split and can only be used in increments of one. TravelBucks redeemed for bookings of an uneven dollar amount will be rounded up to the next dollar. TravelBucks do not have a cash value and cannot be sold, bartered or exchanged.

What Are Bonus TravelBucks?

As a Silver member, you earn 3% back in Bonus TravelBucks for all paid bookings. Bonus TravelBucks are not earned on TravelBucks redeemed on bookings. Your Bonus bucks will be pending in your account until your travel date booking has passed. Once the travel date has passed, your 3% Bonus TravelBucks will become active and can be redeemed on any future bookings. You use your Bonus TravelBucks on your next trip or save them up for an epic adventure!

Can I Bring A Friend?

This membership tier is perfect for solo travelers or anyone who prefers to travel without a large group. As a Silver member, you will automatically be eligible to bring a companion along on any trips or bookings made through TravelBucks. You can switch out your plus one for each booking, giving you the flexibility and freedom to bring along different friends or family members on each trip! Any additional guests must create their own TravelBucks membership account to join you on your travels. Have them sign up for a free trial today!

If you’re planning to travel with a large group, be sure to check out our Platinum Membership for even more exclusive benefits and savings.

I’m In. How Do I Start Booking My Next Trip?

To make a booking inquiry, members can contact a TravelBucks agent via phone or email although we recommend phone inquiries for a faster and more personalized service. Agents will provide you with a written quote including a complete itinerary, cancellation policy, pricing details and payment information via email.

Quotes are subject to change based on price and availability but our TravelBucks agents will make every effort to secure the components of the itinerary at the quoted price. If some or all of the components cannot be secured, the agent will contact the member for approval of any changes before proceeding with the booking. Once the booking is complete, the agent will send all confirmations and payment details via email.

Members can redeem any Silver or Bonus TravelBucks in their account only on bookings made through a TravelBucks agent. Redemption rate is one TravelBucks per US dollar (1:1) and redemption limits may apply based on the policies of the travel supplier.

TravelBucks prices are quoted based on the lowest available online public rate through the travel provider or one of a select group of third-party online travel agencies. Rates shown by third-party websites that Casablanca Express has not previously vetted and found to be reliable and/or authentic will not be considered in determining the lowest available online public rate.

Cancelled Plans? Here’s What To Do Next.

Changes to bookings are subject to the travel supplier’s change policy and travelers are responsible for any associated fees charged by the travel provider and any rate or fare difference. Cancellation requests MUST be made by calling a TravelBucks agent during normal business hours and prior to the cancellation deadline. Refunds for payments made to Casablanca Express will be issued within 30 days of cancellation. Refunds for payments made to travel suppliers will be processed in accordance with their refund policy.

Any TravelBucks redeemed on a canceled booking will be transferred back to the member’s account within 30 days of the cancellation request. Cancellation requests received after the cancellation deadline may be subject to penalties up to the full amount of the booking. In the case of partial refunds, any TravelBucks redeemed on the booking will be deducted from the refund and returned to the member’s account and the remainder will be refunded.

Booking Limitations And Conditions.

Silver Memberships are limited to a maximum of two travelers with the option to add one additional traveler of any age to accompany the member on the trip. Bookings cannot exceed one hotel room, one cruise cabin, and two airline tickets for the same travel dates. Please note that TravelBucks agents are unable to assist with bookings for non-members, and can only offer personal concierge services through Casablanca Express travel agency at discounted or commissionable rates.

No Corporate or Business Travel

TravelBucks memberships are only to be used for booking personal-related travel. If you are interested in options for your corporate or business travel needs, please call a TravelBucks agent to inquire.

If I Change My Mind, How Do I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel at any time through your online account or by calling a TravelBucks agent. When you cancel your account will remain active until the end of your next membership renewal date. On the day after your next membership renewal date, your account will be deactivated.

Closed Accounts

Once an account is closed, all available and pending Bonus TravelBucks will be forfeited. Your Silver TravelBucks will be saved and can be reinstated for up to 6 months after the account closure. To reinstate your Silver membership, the account holder must create a new account and choose from the available account type for new members. After creating the account, a TravelBucks agent can transfer the Silver TravelBucks from your closed account into your new account. The new account may have different terms and reward policies and the transferred TravelBucks will be subject to the terms and reward policies of the new account.

Membership Terms And Conditions

Member Code of Conduct

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner towards TravelBucks agents and employees as well as other guests and passengers of any travel provider booked through TravelBucks. Members must not engage in any illegal activities while utilizing bookings made through TravelBucks and are responsible for paying any fees or expenses charged by any travel supplier in accordance with their policies. Members must not make false statements about the TravelBucks membership program or any travel provider used. Sharing login information with non-members, reproducing any information received as part of the membership and sharing it with non-members, or posting inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content to membership forums and discussions is strictly prohibited. Members who violate any of these policies may have their account suspended or terminated without notice.

Violations of Membership Terms and Account Termination

If a member is found to be in violation of the membership terms, they will receive a written notice specifying the violation. The notice may include a warning or steps to correct the violation. If the member complies, their account will remain in good standing. Repeated violations or failure to comply with the notice will result in account termination. In cases where a violation is particularly egregious in nature, your account will be immediately terminated. Members whose accounts are terminated will no longer be eligible to create a new account or travel on any future booking through Casablanca Express. Unused TravelBucks and any future travel bookings associated with the account will be canceled without a refund upon account termination.

Rights Disclosure

Casablanca Express reserves the right to discontinue the TravelBucks Membership program at any time. In the event of program discontinuation, all members will be notified in writing of the effective date and given the opportunity to utilize any unused TravelBucks before the program ends. Any TravelBucks not used prior to the program’s discontinuation will be forfeited. Future bookings will remain active and unaffected by the program’s discontinuation.

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